“Don’t Sit Back And Watch Miracles Happen, Become Part of Them”

How You Can Help Us


CII works with pastors in Uganda to set up schools and orphanages, raising money to fund the children’s living expenses, food and schooling. We also work to make the locations self sufficient, funding clean water wells and electricity via solar energy among many other projects.

Child Initiative International seeks to give the tools needed to empower the powerless to change their lives and communities.


All donations to CII are used to take care of the children and locations. Everyone at CII is a volunteer, doing this for the children, knowing they have helped to improve lives and help give a future to a child in need. Having no paid employees enables CII to consistently show that 70% to 86% of every dollar given goes into our programs.

You can donate using PayPal with the donate link at the top of the page or send a check to Child Initiative International, P.O. Box 1146, Belvidere, IL 61008


Sharing our cause with others is an immediate way to help our organization. The more light that is shed onto the problems that we are trying to help these children with, the more chance they have at a future as individuals and as part of their communities.