2017 Mission Report

This is the Child Initiative International “After Action Report. This report is intended to keep all supporters of CII informed of what was done during the 2017 mission trip in Uganda as well as show accountability that the work we are claiming would be done has been done or is in process.

This report also serves to show what needs to be done and the needs involved so that supporters may see what we need help accomplishing.

As always we are grateful for every dollar raised and given in support of the children we are working no only to save the lives of but to give them a future.

To God be the Glory

Get comfy…it’s a long one!


Pastor in Charge  Stephen Kimbowa

Number of Children    351

Number of Orphans    81

Number of HIV Positive Children    30

Number of children living at this location   70

Work done this year; The first floor of the new school building is in place as well as the stairs which lead to what will be the second floor. The kitchen has seen some improvement and is larger than it has been in the past. A truck load of wood/ timber was purchased to use for the wood burning stoves used to cook the food for all the children here. A chainsaw was purchased to help with cutting the wood in order to make it the right size to fit in the stove.

The last of the wood plank buildings is being dismantled and will be replaced with a new brick building. It will provide two more good size class rooms.

A truck load of food was purchased and delivered. Funds were left both in cash and some in the bank to continue the work on the new school building and for supplies as needed to include more food should it be needed until CII has the ability to wire more funds for food.

Rice and beans are a staple and always needed.

Work that needs to be done/ Future Planning; While the kitchen area is improved, a new kitchen needs to be built. The current facility is on rented land and the owner wants a large amount of money. More money in fact than the land is worth. This is in part because they know of the Americans working at this location. We have a plan to handle the situation and are looking at land across the road. That land is a bit larger and more reasonable in price.

The second floor of the new school building need to be built and once built it needs to be fully equipped. This building is another instance where we had folks tell us it would be too costly and could not be done. With Jesus all things are possible and because of the God given vision, it is happening. We just need to keep our eye fixed and we will see it happen.

The last plank building is being pulled down and a new brick permanent building needs to be put in place. The planks being pulled down are being used in other needs. NOTHING is wasted. School supplies are always an issue as are desks and replacements for old mattresses.

Rock Of Joy School Building

The first floor of the newest Rock Of Joy School Building is done and now we need to get the second floor done and in place.

stairs going to the construction area

The stairs going to the construction area of the second floor remains locked for safety of the children.


Pastor in Charge  Daniel Seruuma

Number of children  77

Number of Orphans  77

Number of HIV positive Children   unknown

Number of children living at this location  77

Work done this year Medicine and special pediatric Vitamin B complex was purchased as well as a special baby cereal was purchased. All needed for Joseph our child rescued last year from being burned alive by human traffickers who is having malnutrition issues. Concrete, mattresses, rice, sugar and flour were purchased and brought in. A new septic system is being installed which will be attached to a new latrine system for improved sanitation. Concrete was brought in to allow for continuing work on the boy’s dormitory and the security wall.  Every child received a toothbrush and a tube of tooth paste. Many of the children had never seen such things. They were taught how to brush their teeth. Some cash was left to continue the dormitory work and the other supply needs.      

Work that needs to be done/ future planning

We have had particular problems at this location. The need here is big. We have come very far in the work but still have a long way to go. We need more concrete, we will need more desks and beds. We will need to roof the new boy’s dormitory when the time comes. We need to continue on with the wall. The school will need more supplies and we just need to keep going. This continues to be the location of greatest need.

The major need here is the WELL. We have put in a rain catching system but while that has had some success it not enough. We need to build a proper well and that will be the priority. The current well is running but in a drought the water cannot be accessed because the pipe in which the water runs out of is horizontal. When the water level drops below the pipe, no water can be accessed. The new well will be a vertical and a normal well which will allow water access as needed. This is a seriously needed item at a cost of $4,000. Remember, this location is back in the bush and difficult to get to.

Shirley holding and caring for Joseph

Shirley holding and caring for Joseph as we wait for the medication and special food to arrive.

Offloading concrete

Offloading concrete is done by hand and is a heavy load to be stored in a cool dry place until used.

Replacing mattresses

Replacing mattresses is important. We have little people here and some of them wet the bed, something little people tend to do. While they get cleaned they tend to wear out a mattress and we replaced 15.

Tooth brushes and toothpaste

Tooth brushes and toothpaste in hand. A celebration of better oral health we hope will lead to overall better health. It should be noted that without CII being there to help many of these children in particular would not be alive today. They all have a very special and individual story.

Remnant Christian School

Pastor in charge Lawrence Ssemeganda

Number of children   302

Number of Orphans   143

Number of HIV Positive children Unknown

Number of children living at this location   143

Work done this year  An extension to the girls dorm has been added because there are now more children living here. The overall number has gone down a bit but the number living at the location has gone up. The kitchen has been completed. Funding was left for new beds to accommodate the increase in girls living at the location and to purchase playground equipment which is now a mandate by the Ugandan government. Every school is required to have playground equipment now. If there is no playground they will close the school.

Milk is no longer an issue as there are now three cows and a bull. The cow as our followers know is named coffee. Her first calf was named Caffeine. The new bull is named Mocha and the other female cow is named Latte! We are sticking with a coffee theme with names.

In fact one of the songs the children sang to us while we were there was a song thanking us for their milk. Coffee did come out to meet the team and gave Pr. Phil a greeting of a big wet nose when he went to talk to her. Funding was left to purchase the playground equipment and some new beds.

Work that needs to be done Playground equipment is needed. New beds and a generator to replace the burned out one which runs the well pump to bring fresh water to the children from the well.

lunch at the new kitchen

Little people receiving lunch at the new kitchen. Before this new kitchen was built they cooked on the ground. Feeding 302 kids is like feeding a small army.

Healthy rice, beans, chicken and milk

Healthy rice, beans, chicken and milk from the locations cows makes this location the model for what we are trying to do at leach location.

Jireh School

Pastor in Charge   Dick Ssebandeke

Number of Children  35

Number of Orphans 7

Number of HIV positive children Unknown

Number living at this location None. A foster care system has been put in place and the orphans are living with other families in the area.

Work done this year Cemented the walls of the school, More concrete purchased, new school building begun, new latrine begun and nearly finished. More concrete purchased, school supplies purchased, tools to continue concrete work also purchased .  Funding was left to continue the work on the classrooms and support the work. Things are looking very good and the school is back open.     

Work that needs to be done / Future planning Completion of the school building and latrine. Begin to grow some items on the land. Currently there is mango trees and potato growing. Complete playground area. Equip new classrooms once those are completed. Scholastic materials and supplies will be needed as well as desks.   

A kitchen has been started but we will need to put in a proper kitchen and get the cooking off the ground like at other CII locations.

truck load of concrete

A truck load of concrete and tools needed to continue the work on the buildings.

smoothing the cement

A craftsman creating inside walls and smoothing the cement to make a strong wall of brick and concrete.

The New building

The New building on the second campus site is going up nicely. A bit dark of a picture but you can see the new classrooms going up.

school buildings

You can see the school buildings have been smoothed and look great. The kids here were very enthusiastic about the school. They really love going to school.

Alpha Learning Center

Pastor in Charge  Vincent Zziwa

Number of Children 35

Number of orphans 16

Number of HIV Positive children unknown testing is needed

Number of children living at this location None, a foster care system has been put in place and the orphaned children live with families in the area.

Work done this year  The new school building is up and the interior work will begin after the roof is finished. The ground work for the second building right next to it is in place. This location has been taken from holding classes for 4 children in a church made with mud walls where they wrote lessons in the dry mud of the church walls to a building that will be very modern and nice. There were temporary structures along the way but we are now closing on a very nice new school. We dedicated the building to God’s glory for the children while we were there.

Work that needs to be done/Future planning The school building will need to be completed as well as the other school building planned for right next door. The school will need desks and all the other things every other school needs. This location is back in the bush not far from the Tanzanian boarder and electricity will not be possible. We plan to bring in solar lighting or find a way to use wind turbines to light buildings.

Alpha Learning Center

We cut a thin piece of rope because we didn’t have a ribbon but no matter, Alpha Learning Center is going up and the kids and the community as well as Pastor Vincent are excited. So was I as you can see.

roof is mostly on

The roof is mostly on. The supplies are there to finish the roof and then there will be finishing the interior and equipping the school. We do have some school supplies as we have been working at this location for a few years and have had some temporary shelters.

Teachers, Pastors and some of the parents who could make it to the dedication

Teachers, Pastors and some of the parents who could make it to the dedication.

We put in a clean water well here a few years back and now there is a nice new school building going up. These are some very excited Ugandan children and families. Children had no school and some were dying from infected water before our supporters helped us solve the problem.   

This is a work that will need a lot of attention and a lot of support over the next couple of years but this is extremely promising. All these little people have education in their future and NONE of them pay to attend school.

Tom & Jan Nursery and Primary School

Pastor in charge Herbert Buyondo

Number of Children 80

Number of orphans  45

Number of HIV positive children None, one child with Sickle cell anemia 

Number of children living at this location None, the children here are living with foster families in the surrounding village

Work done this year the addition to the school is in place and those classrooms are equipped. The church is serving as additional class room space pending a new school being built which will house all the class rooms and the current school building will be used for offices and the new addition for a dormitory. 

Work that needs to be done/ future planning We have blue prints in hand for a proposed new school which will fully house the classrooms and a kitchen for meals.

This new proposed building will have ramps to make the school accessible for some of the children in the area who are special needs with respect to mobility. Pastor Herbert is already getting with local authorities to have surveys done and get the needed permits. This will be a long term project but it is a vision that can be accomplished and it will be an

Example of schools meeting the community needs in the area.  Our goals for this area are big like some of the others. Just as the others we know that we can do all things through Jesus and we will continue to step forward.

building addition

The new structure to the left is the building addition. Last time our supporters saw it, it was drying bricks laid out on the ground to dry.

nice classrooms with proper desks

Inside there are nice classrooms with proper desks and a learning environment that keeps the children happy. They are excited to go to school and warmly greet visitors.

Pastor Herbert uses the church building for some of the classes

Until we get the new school building in place, Pastor Herbert uses the church building for some of the classes.

The Ministry of Education is not particularly happy that Pastor Herbert uses the church building for some of the classes while the new school building is being built and they have cited a couple of deficiencies which will cause problems keeping the school open, but the members of the church, the community around the school and church and pastor Herbert have advised the Ministry of Education that the school will remain open and we will continue to move forward with the building project.



We have a number of students who are ready to go. They have dreams and know what they want to be.

our older students

Pictured with me are our students who are in need of help to go to a local university. From left to right we have a future business woman, Taylor, Teacher, Business Administrator, Special Education Teacher and a Neurosurgeon. The young man in the black shirt who wants to be the Neurosurgeon has the grades to be exactly that. They all do. This is your success and the blessing from the Lord. One of them is a refugee from Congo who with her mom and two siblings escaped a war zone and moved to Uganda. CII because of support from people like you, has been able to get this group through secondary school/ College, which by our standards is a combination High School and Junior College. When you stop and think about things, know that as a CII supporter you have changed the lives and saved the lives of tens of thousands over these last eleven years. These kids who had no future before, now have dreams. If you would like to help them realize the dream, make a donation and designate it to our University group.


The farm is moving along nicely. While drought is still an issue the wells , yes plural, are moving along and one day soon drought will not be an issue.

well for irrigation

This well is the well which sits about halfway down the property and will be used to irrigate the lower 50% of the farm once operational.

well for irrigation

Oranges on one of the several orange trees growing on the farm. The seem to be more resilient than corn and some of the other crops that are destroyed by droughts. Once ripe, our kids at Rock of Joy will be eating these oranges.


Number of  children  880

Number of Orphans 369

Number of HIV Positive Children 30 known and likely many more. Testing has not been done on many due to the lack of funding. We also have 1 child with Sickle cell.

Number of boarded children living in CII dormitories 290 living in CII Dorms. Some of the children at three of our locations are cared for by foster families from the churches of the pastors at those locations.

Number of Child deaths in the last year We are very happy to report that we have had no deaths for any reason in the last year.


As you can see Over these last eleven years CII has been busy impacting lives. Our projects are continuing on and there is work still to do. We are already looking forward to the trip next year and to the rest of this year . We will need to continue to raise funds to move forward with the projects listed in the above report and the care for so many children. I don’t think I did much more than scratch the surface of the work that needs to be done.

As a side note,

We did have some distressing times this year. The HUMAN TRAFFICKING was off the charts and much more in your face and worse that we have seen it in the past. Let’s remember that some of our children were trafficked and rescued from that. This year we saw young teenage girls with babies strapped to their backs, teen age boys with no legs being pushed by other teens in wheel chairs, and the icing on the cake was the woman who was easily in her 80s being pushed by her handler from car to car while traffic was stopped. Like the others, she is a slave being used to beg money for handlers. If they do not

make enough each day they do not get fed. They get no medical care and if they happen to die, they are easily replaced. She was moved by her handler to the door window of our van and pushed up against the glass. You can’t give them money as it is against the law and as long as they are making money the trafficking will continue. When she opened her eyes, it was easy to see that she was blind in the left eye and that her right eye was gone.

Many of our children were once trafficked. It always amazes me that one person could do this to another human being and how people get so angry about abuse to animals, (as we should), but so many turn a blind eye to the abuse of those who were created in God’s image.

This is not specific to Uganda. Human trafficking is a global problem and in fact is a larger dollar business than illegal drugs or weapons sales.

Friend, this was not God’s plan.

We at CII plan to continue on for the children and are right now considering planting a new children’s home and school in the north of Uganda where Uganda is currently having problems because of hundreds of thousands of people, mostly the vulnerable have crossed the border from South Sudan. The decision has not been made yet and much of that will depend on funding.

This is our calling and this we will continue to do. We work hard to be the organization you can be proud to support. Without God, nothing happens, without you, nothing gets done.

May God Bless You

Pastor Phil

“Don’t sit back and watch miracles happen, become part of them”

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