A Decade Of CII

One thing we are so proud of here at Child Initiative International is our volunteers.  We have people who help out in from every walk of life and with every needed talent. God is just that good.  When our school teachers needed counseling on creating a positive classroom atmosphere, Eric stepped up with just receiving his Master’s degree in Family Counseling. When we decided to purchase farm land, which Pr Phil and I knew nothing about, God brought Justin to our organization who has been farming since a young age.  And it just kept rolling from there… Everyone has a purpose and talent that can help build something bigger. And the volunteers at CII do this selflessly. No one takes a penny for what they do. Most of the time, so more money can be poured back into the children, they pay for supplies out of their own pockets.

This is why on a beautiful day in August, Child Initiative wanted to give back to their volunteers. We had a family style picnic at Randall Oaks in Dundee, IL. The day started out a little cloudy and there were some concerns about rain, but it all turned out wonderful. The sun came out, the temperature was perfect and we had fun playing bean bags, eating great food and just hanging out to fellow ship.  There was, of course, a little mischief in there too (lots of ice down our backs).

If you are looking for a place to get plugged in and help build something bigger, consider volunteering. We, of course, are always looking for more talents!



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