A Letter From The CEO

We get the wrong idea of things in our modern day. We are hammered on a daily basis telling us that we deserve credit or, a new tablet, or this or that. We get told we NEED the latest cell phone or the newest car that parks itself. We are now locked in an election season where candidates even talk about free college.

While possessions are not necessarily bad and we all work hard for the things we have, when you die, none of that goes with you. Your cell phone will be junked and any precious metal removed, your car will eventually finally be parked in a wrecking yard and so on.

The wise investment is “PEOPLE”! Specifically children. Think about this, they have no voice, many are considered and treated as disposable. Around the world children are abused, purchased, sold, neglected and a host of other things that we can’t go into at this moment.

It really is quite simple, Jesus died to give everlasting life and to give it more abundantly, not for your luxury car. Children are the most loved and treasured of human life, or at least they should be. Investing in the life of a child is an investment in the future of all people. Simply put, it is called love.

When CII began its work in Uganda, we began with 125 kids in a three classroom wood plank school at Rock of Joy. Today God has built his work into 6 locations, more than 1,000 children educated, fed, clothed, and you name it, every day. This does not include the children here in the US we help or our new work we are trying to shore up in Honduras. We can show that we have put significant impact into tens of thousands of people most of whom are children. Don’t you think the money would be better invested in the children of the world? Material things all go away but the impact made in a child is an investment that keeps giving returns. You want to stop wars, raise the children to love. Do you want to stop this or that and bring man kind in line with where it should be, then give a child opportunity. The Bible tells us to “Raise up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

The best way to control and keep people down is to keep them uneducated and severely impoverished! History proves that. At CII we are working to show children that there is more to life than hunger, poverty and hopelessness. In fact, we teach the kids that they are not orphans and that they have a Father who sits on the throne of heaven who has not nor ever will forget them. We teach them that He sent us and that is why we are here. Why? Because it is the truth.

The people and specifically the children of Uganda are among the most loving, gentle people I have ever been blessed to know. The kids who have been abused, thrown away, orphaned or a host of other issues will come up and hold your hand and walk with you. They don’t ask for anything!!! Just the touch of someone so that for a short time they can feel cared about and safe. Something I know my kids feel daily and take for granted. My kids get a kiss and goodbye every day when I head to work and a hug and kiss every night when they go to bed and it has always been that way. Being confident that they are loved is something EVERY child should feel.

It is my goal, and my calling from God to continue to move forward with this work. We will build schools. We will drill wells. We will build homes for orphaned children. We will not be denied. The children will not be denied. God will be glorified. That simple.

In the reality of things, Everyone reading this can give something to help us get this work done. Some of you however will not feel lead to do so. What we are doing simply won’t touch your heart. Some folks won’t like that we are faith based. If you like what CII is doing, that is wonderful and we hope you support the work. If it is simply not your cup of tea, that is ok as well. But, I urge you to find something that impacts the lives of other people and get on board. Do something for someone else. Make a difference in someone else’s life. There is nothing more dangerous than “APATHY,” be it Christian Apathy or any other kind of apathy. Waiting for someone else to do it is simply something none of us can afford.

Like we always say at CII, “ Don’t sit back and watch miracles happen, become part of them.”

Pastor Phil

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