Our work in the USA

Over the years, CII has helped thousands of children and families in America. We have had several families find us through word of mouth or the website. Families in need of help in one way or another contact us for assistance in trying to locate beds, furniture, clothes, and toys that can be donated to make their houses homes. Just in 2010, CII was able to do just that by helping a family get 4 new beds, bedding, a kitchen set, and Santa Cop took care of Christmas!

In the Northern Illinois Stateline area, CII has worked with companies to get school supplies, back packs and books to schools and local organizations. CII has delivered over 500 books to various schools in the Rockford, Ill area for their libraries.

CII works with many local organizations helping children and families who live in shelters or in unspeakable circumstances with programs like Santa Cop.

Through our Santa Cop program, children receive such items as winter coats, toys, and clothes. In addition, families receive a complete Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

No child should wake up Christmas morning, the greatest day of the year, feeling forgotten about. On Christmas Eve each year, our Santa Cop teams deliver food and gifts to children in need. Our delivery crews even provide Christmas trees and ornaments. We assist up to 1,250 children through this program alone each year.

Help CII make a difference .


Child Initiative International is not here to be a band-aid. We believe in helping and supporting these schools and orphanages until they are able to become self-sufficient. We believe in helping to obtain the materials to build or purchase buildings for the protection of the children. We believe in helping them to acquire the tools to lead a healthy and well life. We believe education is the key to success for these children. We will continue to help the schools obtain necessary curriculum for education. Our goal is to help these children succeed. Not to be an international welfare system but to encourage and teach so they can grow and become contributing members of their communities. To help make their towns better for others.


Starting in May of 2006, CII began supporting Rock of Joy by creating “Manna House”. Since then we have been able to establish a home for orphaned children in Kampala . We have purchased beds, mattresses, and food. Through ideas found in our own backyard, we have been able to help provide a cleaner, more sanitary way to cook the food. Currently, CII is helping to house hundreds of orphans. Unfortunately, because of war and HIV/AIDS, these children are left with no one to care for them. No guardians to take over the parental roles these children need. They have been either found on the streets living off of garbage, made their own way to the orphanage, or dropped off by a dieing parent with no way of finding them. Our pastors have taken these children in and are raising them as their own.At this time, CII is helping to support 6 schools and 3 orphanages.


Over the past years, CII has worked with several organizations to provide the essentials to the children. CII has worked with Feed My Starving Children, the United Nations and Minister of Relief in Uganda. By supplying them with the necessary supplies, they have been able to start their own gardens and been able to purchase chickens. Our children receive the food they need for a healthy diet and to combat starvation. We have helped to purchase a portion of land for them to start a farm. This will enable to them to not only feed the children at the orphanages and schools, but also sell some of their harvest to become more self-sufficient. We have been fortunate that our children have had clean water to drink as wells have been drilled. But we continue to look for other avenues to keep providing parasite free water for them.


CII believes all children should have the opportunity for an education. They should have the ability to learn ways to fulfill their dreams. Every year, CII delivers new school supplies to the six schools we are helping to support currently. Uganda has just started to use a formal curriculum so CII is still sending the necessary literature (reading, writing, arithmetic) for the teachers to help the students. We have also sent books to help the schools begin libraries. The schools add to the education with their own culture and history. As the children grow older, they teach them different trades. Education is crucial to these children’s lives. We believe if we can give them the education, they will have a sense of pride within them to grow up and become contributing members of their communities. Right now, their community is their school and orphanage. But with the education, they can overcome what they have been through and give back.