Celebrating! 2016 is a DECADE of CII!

CII hopes this newsletter finds you all well. We are SO excited to update you on some BIG NEWS CII has felt led to share! Don’t forget 2016 Dinner & Movie is coming up, and that we have our daily spot on 88.3FM The Lighthouse Radio out of Rockford.

Big Updates!

CII did hit a couple major milestones recently. The first being that we are celebrating a DECADE of service to God’s children! We are also always prayerfully looking to keep moving forward.
With months of prayer we have decided to make someBOLD MOVES we believe the Lord is guiding us to make.
This year 2016, we will not send a team to Uganda on a missions trip. This does not mean the work in Uganda will stop or is finished. We have more work to do in Uganda than could be possibly listed in a newsletter. Rather than go to Uganda, we are bringing some of Uganda, here!! This year we are bringing Pastor Steve Kimbowa (our Director Of Operations) and his wife Gladys, (our Head of Schools for CII) to America!! They will be here for about two weeks and will be meeting with CII leadership and our Board Of Directors as we plan the next decade of CII.
POINT OF REFLECTION: We began with 125 kids at Rock of Joy, our school in Uganda, and we now have more than 1,000 total plus a farm. With so many amazing people, there is a lot of work to do to make sure all the leadership are on the same page. In order to accomplish this, we need Pastor Steve and Gladys here for meetings, trainings, as well as vision casting and corporate prayer time. They will also be joining us at our annual Dinner & A Movie event held this year on April 2ndThey are currently working on getting visas, and we are working to raise the funds to get the tickets. To reduce costs they will be staying with our very own Pastor Phil and his family. Phil and Regina are very excited to host them.
SOME CURRENT NEEDS: We need $4,000 to drill a well at the farm. This will be essential for irrigation to prevent loss of crops during the droughts Uganda does experience. We know we have water below the land. We have a security wall to finish, and we are about $10,000 away from the construction of the wall and the boys dormitory.


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As mentioned above, CII will not be sending a missions team to Uganda. This year, we are arranging a mission trip and SENDING A TEAM TO HONDURAS!As you know, for a little while now we have been providing food for a feeding center there. A pastor friend of Pastor Phil’s has a school and children’s home there, Heaven’s Reach, but needs help with the food for 50 kids who otherwise would not eat.

We are working on raising money to supply the funding of about $500 at a time to feed those children every day, twice each day. We want to go and get a look at the work and see what else CII can come along side to help support Heaven’s Reach. Currently, we are focusing on only providing food and estimate a need of about $5,000 o $6,000 in order to feed the children at the feeding center for a year, depending on the growth of the number of kids.

We are aware of the Zika virus and will take appropriate measures if any should be needed. A virus should not stop us from serving the Lord in our calling, but we should also be intelligent in how we handle things.

We can say that CII had a very challenging year in 2015. While we are thankful to hit some awesome milestones, we also missed our budget. We had a very small budget by comparison and are holding it steady this year with no planned increase. Our pastors in Uganda will receive the normal assistance, while our kids here in the states will also still see school supplies and other assistance we regularly give. The hard truth is, that all this depends on donations.

We try very hard to be the ministry/charity our supporters can be confident in and proud to support. We are always open and transparent as we understand that giving is a very personal thing and we NEVER take any of it lightly. We are honored that those who support CII and see our vision, do so not just financially but with all their heart.

We say, thank you and we hope you will continue on with us through 2016.