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Happy New Year!

All The Leadership of CII hopes that each of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We are right at the beginning of a NEW year, which is a great time to be thankful and plan ahead!
We are already being asked about how the Santa Cop season went, and we are happy to report it went wonderfully just as it does every year. We had a positive impact on over 200 kids locally. Each year Pastor Phil picks a story of significant importance to include in our first newsletter of that new year. Here is a story about one particular delivery on Christmas Eve.


Down On The Farm

Everything at Rock of Joy Farm is going well but there is still one need that we must get put in place. Uganda Deals with rainy seasons, followed by extreme drought. We know there is a water table under the land and that a well would allow us to irrigate the farm and make it much less impactful at the whim of drought. The cost to get a well drilled and a pump to pump the water would be about $4,500 to $5,000.

On the farm, there are currently orange and mango trees as well as potatoes, corn, cassava and tomatoes. The problem is that when the drought comes it damages the crop. By Irrigating, we can overcome the situation.

Anyone wanting to give to the well fund can go to the web page and donate through our Pay Pal or send a gift to CII PO box 1146, Belvidere, IL 61008

We would GREATLY appreciate it and it will help a major problem we are currently facing.



Founded in 2006, CII is now entering its 10th year. This makes a decade of CII and we are humbled and so excited about the future. Dinner And A Movie will be in April after Easter (we will announce the exact date shortly) and we will have exciting things to announce including some milestones that we have hit! We hope you will be as excited as we are. There may be need for some special announcements between newsletters so we can keep everyone informed as to what is going on. We are excited to tell you there are some things in the works.
As we enter what will be our tenth year, it seems as if the time has gone by quickly. There is so much that has been done. Schools built, wells drilled, tens of thousands educated and fed, hundreds of beds purchased and so much more. We want to celebrate the last ten years, while also planing and celebrating the future.>/span>
This year it is our hope that more supporters will come out to Dinner & A Movie and celebrate with us. Last year the crowd was small but we still had a great time. Plans are being made to bring as much of CII to Dinner & A Movie as possible so that everyone can meet and celebrate being part of this miracle we call Child Initiative International. We also hope that you will continue to support this life changing work moving forward and be proud of the work we do. Remember, “Don’t sit back and watch miracles happen, BECOME PART OF THEM.”


Tim and Amy Peterson have been part of CII and leaders of Santa Cop for about 15 years by helping kids at Christmas and making Christmas deliveries. They have always been hard working and loyal to the calling they have of making sure that kids get taken care of during this time of year. This year, they really showed that and went far above the call of duty. They had a delivery in the western suburbs of Chicago in a town where you would not expect to see certain living conditions. There were sisters living there together with their seven children. The living conditions were very bad. There was a hole in the floor of the bathroom next to the toilet that allowed you to see down into the apartment below. The apartment was in horrible condition, including an oven that did not work. This was a problem since CII delivers not only toys, but also a Christmas turkey and all the other items needed for a Christmas dinner; with the dinner still needing to be cooked by the receiving family.

Without Tim and Amy, this family would have had no way of having a Christmas dinner. They truly went beyond the call of duty and took the turkey HOME, COOKED it,  and brought it back to the family the next day, “Christmas Day!”
Because of the selflessness of the Petersons, that family in serious need not only had clothes and toys for Christmas, but a proper Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and even dessert. Tim has also taken some steps to help the family with the living situation as well! This speaks SO Loudly about the heart of not only CII but why CII has the heart that it does. With members like the Petersons who have such large hearts to serve, lives are positively impacted for the kingdom and the light shines through. This is not the first time the Petersons have stepped up like this and I know the Lord was pleased with Tim and Amy and that He loves their heart. So do we!

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