Favorite Time Of Year

It is hard to believe that Christmas day is only 22 days away. This is absolutely my favorite time of year. I look forward to the Christmas shows, especially “How The Grinch Stole Christmas, (the cartoon version of course), and the kids. Children have a way of looking at life with hope that we as adults seem to lose as the years go by. Somehow, I have been spared the unfortunate reality of growing up and just really get into the whole season. I love to watch Linus VanPelt walk out on stage and tell Charlie Brown the real Christmas story from Luke 2 in the Bible.

There is a hurtful side of Christmas. The side that shows children uncared for, people homeless and alone during the most blessed night of the year. Very few people know it but I relate to that greatly. Folks talk about how Christmas is the season of giving and that is true. God gave the first and greatest Christmas gift ever! His Son !

We at CII will be out delivering toys and food to families on Christmas eve as we have been doing for more years than we can count. We hope that you will support our efforts and give a gift of the season. That being said, we know that what we do does not touch the heart of all people. That’s ok! But, I would ask you to do this, DO SOMETHING! Even if CII is not what you want to support, find something that puts a blessing in the life of someone else and do it. Then on Christmas morning when you wake up and are having that coffee in the morning, you can feel good knowing you put a positive impact in the life of another person.

In Scrooge, Marley came to visit old Ebenezer and Scrooge said to Marley, “but you were always a good man of business.” Marley goes crazy and yells at Scrooge then tells him, ” Man Kind Was My Business.” Those are true words. Who says you can’t learn anything from cartoons?

2000 year ago the birth of one child who became a man impacted the world for eternity. One person willing to be part of something bigger than themselves CAN change the world. Jesus proved it.

Merry Christmas

Phillip Klikas Jr
Lead Pastor/CEO

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