Dinner & a Movie

The Roast Beast – The Best Part

Saturday 2 April 2016 was our official celebration of 10 years of CII at our Dinner & A Movie event. It was a wonderful day even in spite of the crazy weather. We had some fantastic roasted pork, with salads, including potato salad among them for the main dish and a cake with the CII logo on it that was

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10 Years of Dinner & A Movie

Dinner & A Movie 2016 is tomorrow. This is an exciting time particularly because of our Decade Of CII Celebration. Looking at it over the years, this dinner has meant a great deal to CII. It has not only helped raise badly needed funding to keep the doors open but also it keep our supporters informed and involved. It is

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Celebrating! 2016 is a DECADE of CII! Hello! CII hopes this newsletter finds you all well. We are SO excited to update you on some BIG NEWS CII has felt led to share! Don’t forget 2016 Dinner & Movie is coming up, and that we have our daily spot on 88.3FM The Lighthouse Radio out of Rockford.

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