The Roast Beast – The Best Part

Saturday 2 April 2016 was our official celebration of 10 years of CII at our Dinner & A Movie event. It was a wonderful day even in spite of the crazy weather. We had some fantastic roasted pork, with salads, including potato salad among them for the main dish and a cake with the CII logo on it that was fantastic.


After dinner everyone went to the sanctuary to watch a 30 minute video of the trip and this year’s video was fun and funny. Some of that came at my expense which is OK by me.



While video was running my wife Regina came to me and told me that there was a strange man in the hall outside the sanctuary asking for the pastor. Well the church is closed but as the pastor there at the time, I went out to meet with the man. He was probably early thirties wearing a heavy jacket that looked very worn and it was obvious he was upset and in a bit of a panic. When I started to talk he stopped me and in a very panicked muffled voice along with signing told me he was deaf. This man was obviously scared.

He wrote down on a piece of paper that he was lost and almost out of gas and did not know how to get back to Dixon Illinois from where we were in Sycamore. He took his driver’s license out to show his address in Dixon. He wanted to make sure we knew he was not lying. I took $25 out of my pocket and gave it to him for gas. He gave me the five back and told me it was more than what he needed and he felt bad taking my money. I scratched out on the paper we were now writing on, “ you’re not taking my money, I’m giving it!”

Shirley one of our missionaries and Justin were there with me and Shirley knew some sign language, not enough but between her and Justin they were able to tell and show the young man how to get to the nearest gas station. He turned to me and gave me this HUGE hug which was REALLY TIGHT! But, this frightened young man was now calmer and would soon be on his way home. You could see the relief in his eyes and is behavior.

In the meantime, The video had ended and when I walked back into the sanctuary, my wife was down in front of all of our guests talking about the video, the children and how far CII has come over the last 10 years with these kids. When she was done I closed everything out and everyone went back to the dining room for cake and prizes as well as fellowship. Keep in mind that Regina does not like to speak in front of people and takes her way out of her comfort zone.

None of our guest knew what happened. They went back to the dining room and a great time was had by all. The entire time I was with that young man I could feel in my spirit that there was something different about him. Then Hebrews 13:2-3 came to mind, “ Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. (3) Remember them that are in bonds; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.

Earlier that afternoon as we were working getting things set up for the dinner, I had given that $20 to two of the workers to go get lunch. They came back and gave it back to me. They told me they did not feel right taking that money. That was the same $20 I ended up giving the young man needing help. Whether or not the spirit prompted the two volunteers to use their own money or not, I can’t say. What I can say is that I believe the $20 was for that young man and was what he needed at the time to take care of his situation. What I can say is, what was done was very biblical and for me, was the best part of a perfect evening.

The bible tells me that we do entertain angels. I don’t know if he was or was not. I do know he was in serious need and we met it very, very simply. I do hear people say that they can’t see God and ask where is He. I say to them, “ you can’t see him because you are not looking!”

We have opportunity to be His ambassadors and to see His work all around us every day if we pay attention to the 360 degrees around us.

We missed our cash goal for the event but, that is irrelevant. Helping that young man who I will never see again, angel or not, the fellowship, we all had and being able to watch God be God, was a priceless gift I would take over any check anyone could have written.

We are here to serve. For me I believe he was an angel because of the way my spirit reacted. God is in everything we do. He is in the air we breathe, the paths we walk and those we have in our lives as well as living in born again believers.

We just need to look a little bit beyond ourselves. There you will see him.

God bless,


James 2:18

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